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Economically Russia is one of the top ten largest economies by GDP according to the IMF and this produces  an immense purchasing power within the country!

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Moscow is diverse and grand, each time it turns to the traveler with thousands of different sides. There are multi-colored domes of Orthodox churches, rich estates of the aristocratic clans of the Russian Empire and the spiers of glass high-rises in business districts!

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Why Russia?

investitsii17At present, Russia is the most attractive and  dynamically developing markets from the point of view of the foreign investment flows  as a percentage of market capitalization. And according to reporting among the developing countries, Russia can boast of the highest inflow of the foreign portfolio investment. It is invested more than in China, India, Brazil or Mexico.

The aspiration of foreign companies for extension of the economic cooperation, own business and the acquisition of the new markets leads to the establishing of the business on the territory of Russia. It is achieved either through direct opening of new offices on the territory of Russia (the foundation of new organizations, permanent representative offices of foreign companies, branch offices and so forth).It also can be attained by making investments to the Russian Federation and acquiring of the existing businesses.

 However, a significant difference in the legal systems of Russia and foreign countries, lack of knowledge of foreign entrepreneurs of the Russian legislation and normative requirements is often made difficult these economic processes.

Furthermore, the foreign companies which have already worked on the territory of Russia, are also facing the similar problems. And the complexity and inextricably of Russian fiscal law constantly requires a high qualification for the decision of the taxation matters and problems arising during the process of doing business by the foreign companies and with the purpose of protection of legitimate rights and interests.

Our specialists is always ready to answer all questions you are interested in and offer a professional solution of the tax, accounting solutions and juridical tasks.Investicii

The following list of the service is open and reflects only some of the essential services, the necessity of which may arise from foreign companies while making a decision about establishment of the business or carrying out activities on the territory of Russia. If the foreign persons require the other services in the sphere of Russian law, then our company is ready to consider a matter about its providing, taking into consideration the specialization of the company.

We render the following services to foreign entrepreneurs:

    - Consultation on matters concerning the organization of activities on the territory of the Russian Federation (the choice of the organizational and legal form, a favorable tax model, licensing,
     support in the state registration of legal entity and registration at the Tax Authority)
    - Advising on the implementation of investment activities on the Russian Federation (taxation, civil affairs, corporate law, matters of currency and customs control)
     pre-sale inspection of operating Russian enterprises in order to determine the tax and other risks
    Consultation on revenue laws:
   - Advice on civil, labor, currency, customs, administrative and land law
   - Registration and conduct of the tax and business accounting, policy accounting of the company.
   - Representation of interests in the tax authorities
   - Prosecution of litigated cases on tax disputes in arbitration courts
    Services of the translators:

Translation of the business letters, contacts, documentation, different kinds of the reports.

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