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Tourism in Russia

Rent of a serviced apartment

rent flatRenting a serviced apartment in Moscow is becoming a more and more popular alternative to staying at a hotel. It is almost twice as cheap to rent a serviced apartment in Moscow than to stay at a hotel. A daily serviced apartment rent in Moscow is a suitable option for those visiting Moscow on a business trip and for tourists travelling.
Serviced apartment rental in Moscow offers:
  -  Comfort of home atmosphere;
  -  Comfortable modern furniture, satellite TV, video and audio equipment;
  -  Fully equipped kitchen with kitchen utensils;
  -  All serviced apartments rented on the daily basis have maid service;
  -   Unlimited internet access;
  -  Strict confidentiality, anonymity and top level service.
We would like you to feel like at home from the first moments of your stay at the Moscow apartment. You will enjoy not only a comfortable, homely atmosphere in our serviced apartments in Moscow, but also tea, coffee, bottled water and a map of central districts of Moscow.

The dry-cleaning of your clothes only with professionals!

cleaningEveryone aspires to the comfort. And the main component of comfort is the purity of objects around you.
We provides the clients with the dry-cleaning, laundry service for your comfort. And the cleaning of the apartment
We arrange the delivery of your clothes to the dry cleaners promptly and quickly and guarantee the excellent results.
Save your time taking advantage of the dry-cleaning and laundry service.

Airport taxi pick-up / drop off

taxiThere are three primary commercial airports in Moscow – Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo, located in the North, South-East and South-West of Moscow respectively. We can arrange with a driver car so that we could meet you when you arrive in Moscow and take you directly to your serviced apartment or office in Moscow. This includes night-time and weekend arrivals. We can also convey you back to the airport when you depart Moscow, as well as advise you the best departure times to beat the Moscow traffic.

 Sightseeing tour of Moscow

SightseeingMoscowMoscow is an unforgettable city. There is a great variety of landmarks in Moscow, some of them were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most famous are: the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Armoury Chamber. If you’re planning to stay in Moscow for a while, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and The Tretyakov Gallery.
Tell us what you would like to see and we can arrange it.

Fishing in Russia
fishing sahalinIn Russia, since the beginning of time, fishing has always occupied a special place, and fishermen were famous not only for their rich knowledge of fishing, but also for the abundance of cunning tricks due to which the fishing of fish turned into subtle wisdom. Russian fishermen have a simple and open mind, so they gladly share their knowledge with beginners. Russia is rich with the  endless  water reservoirs filled with a variety of fish, thanks to which fishing gives true pleasure to every fisherman. Probably, no country can boast such an abundance of river and lake fish, and some of its species even belong to valuable varieties. We will be very happy to organize for unforgettable fishing in different places of Russia. 

carp fishingfishing7fisingSahalinBig fish

Hunting in Russia

sokol"... Hunt for justice should be considered one of the most important human endeavors," wrote Turgenev, "Russian people have loved hunting since time immemorial, which is confirmed by our songs, our legends. Where to hunt, As it is not with us in Russia! The excitement of hunting, a duel with a strong and cunning forest predator, competition with other hunters in dexterity and the number of trophies was turned the hunting from hunting into entertainment and art. We will be very glad to organize for unforgettable and exciting hunting in different places of Russia.

bear dreamhaus kareliyaSokolinaya ohotabear fish



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