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System of taxation

funny taxThe general system of taxation

This is a form of taxation in which the organizations must maintain the accounting records in full volume and provide the tax accounts. But it concerns only those organizations and individual entrepreneurs who do not apply the special tax regimes. The general system of taxation is very complicated, but also very flexible one.
In the event, that while the registration of the organization or of the registration as an individual entrepreneur you have not filed an application for the transition to special tax regime, then you will have to apply the general tax regime.

  Applying the general system of taxation, the taxpayers - organizations and individual entrepreneurs must in due order maintain accounting and tax records and submit the accounting and tax reporting to the tax authority.
As well as while applying the general tax regime it is necessary to calculate and pay all general taxes. Such as:

-value-added tax , VAT with a rate of 0%, 10% and 18%
-property tax, with a maximum rate of 2.2%.
-corporate income tax at a rate of 20%. (except for the self-employed);
-personal income tax
-insurance contributions (fees) to the state off-budget funds.

 A complete list of taxes, the taxpayers of which could be a legal person or an entrepreneur, is established by Articles 13, 14 and 15 of the Tax Code.
Anindividual entrepreneur, who applies the general system of taxation, in most cases must pay to the budget the following taxes:
1. Personnel income tax
2. Value added tax. Rates are the same as for the organizations.
3. Insurance contributions to the state off-budget funds.
The other taxes, both federal and regional with the local ones, are paid in the event that there is an object that is subject to taxation. This concerns both the individual entrepreneur and organizations.

How many taxes you should pay when the general system of taxation is applied?

1) The income tax.
2) The personnel income tax
3) The value added tax
4) The tax on the property.
5) Insurance premiums.
And also the additional fees can be charged:

1) Customs duty.
2) for the use ofthe biological resources.
3) Water tax.
4) the mineral extraction tax
5) Land tax.
6) Excise.
Financial Statements:

- Balance sheet
-Profit and Loss Accoun
- Statement of Changes in Equity
- Statement of Cash Flows
- explanatory note to the Balance Sheet
- Report on the intended use of the received funds ( it is need for public organizations (associations), which are not engaged in business activities, and is recommended for all other public organizations (associations)
- explanatory note to the accounting statements (see PBU 4/99, articles 24-31)
Tax accounts:
- the payroll to the Fund of Social Insurance
- the tax declaration on value added tax, except for organizations that are not subject to pay VATtaxes
- Information on the average number of employees for the preceding calendar year
- Information on personal income for the year 200_
- Tax return on transportation tax, only for the organizations which have the vehicles in the balance sheet
- Tax declaration on the land tax, but for organizations who own the land
- Personalized reporting to the Pension Fund of Russia
- Calculation of insurance premiums to the Pension Fund and Medical Fund
- The tax return for the tax on profit
- Tax declaration for corporate property tax.
- Information on personal income for the year 200_
  The terms and conditions for the transition and implementation of the simplified tax system:

    The maximum revenue from the beginning of the year is no more than 120 million rubles..;
    The o
perating costs - is not more than 150million rubles..;
The total number of employees - is no more than 100 people .;
The share of participation in other companies - is no more than 25%
    The m
arginal yield for the transition to the regime - is not more than 90 million rubles. *.

    Tax rate: is 15% (income and expenditure) or 6% (revenues).
    Reporting time: Declaration for the year (an interim financial statements during the year  is not eiven up).
    The term of  delivery of an accounting is the
31 March of the year following the reporting period.
    The date of payment
: is 3 quarterly of an advance of money  tax of the year.
Term of payment: advance payments - is within 25 days from the date of end of the quarter, the annual tax - ia until April 30.

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