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Tax on profits

profit taxTax on profits must be paid:
- Russian organizations (i.e. juridical entity).
- Foreign organizations carrying out its activity in Russia Federation through a representative offices, and (or) receiving profit in Russia.
Companies using the simplified system of taxation are exempt from paying the profit taxes, as well as the organizations which pay the single tax on imputed income for certain activities.

 1. Taxable income of the companies for the current year.

This includes all income, received by a company in the current year. These profits are included in the taxable base for income tax according to the provisions of Chapter 25 "Income Taxes" of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) of the Russian Federation. In the first instance, it is the proceeds from the sale of goods, works and services.

2. Deductible expenses of the organization for the current year.

This includes only the costs, incurred by the organization in the current year, which according to the provisions of Chapter 25 of the Tax Code are accepted for tax purposes.

Revenue and expenses by the rules established by Chapter 25 of the Tax Code (which may differ from accounting rules), is called the tax account. Tax accounting is only for income tax. Other taxes are calculated based on accounting data.

The basic scheme of the calculation of income tax:


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