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Tax on personal income

income taxIncome tax on individuals (Personal income tax) this is a tax, by which the personal income is levied, from citizens.
1) Tax residents of the Russian Federation
2) Citizens receiving income from the sources in the Russian Federation, who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation
In general, the personal income tax is deducted directly from the income, reducing the amount received by an individual in his arms.
Tax residents of the Russian Federation are the payers of personal income tax. They must pay the tax on personal income from all their earnings sources.

Depending on the type of income the tax rate is 13%, 35% or 9%.
Individuals, who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation, are the payers of income tax only on earnings derived from the sources in the Russian Federation. In this case the tax rate (also depending on the type of income) is 30% or 15%.
Personal income tax rates:
All income except for the listed below is 13%
Dividends received by residents of Russian Federation is 9%
Dividends received by non-residents of the Russian Federation is 15%
Type of income (earnings)
Any revenue derived by non-residents of Russian Federation, except for dividends is 30%
Taxable interests on bank deposits, material gain on borrowed current assets, prizes and gifts used for advertising purposes 35%
The composition of the ordinary incomings which are taxable at rate of 13%
- customary (usual) prizes and gifts from the companies;
-proceeds from the sale of personal property;
-winnings in lotteries;
-Income from business activities;
-incomings from the lease of property, etc.

Individual persons have the right to reduce their income, taxable at the basic rate of 13%, to the amount of personal spending on medical treatment, education, charity, etc. Such a reduction is called the social tax deduction and regulated article 219 Tax Code of Russian Federation.
Income taxed at the special rates
The tax on this incomes is calculated by multiplying the amount of income on the appropriate rate. In other words, no tax deductions for such proceeds are not applied.
Income taxability at the rate of 35%

Tax assessment of dealing with securities:

The peculiarities of taxation of revenues from the securities transactions identified in article.241.1 Tax Code.
All capital issues and instruments of futures contracts are divided into the following categories;
- Securities which are traded on the organized equity market;
- Securities that are not traded on the organized equity market;
- Financial instruments of futures contracts, which underlying asset is securities (e.g. futures and options to purchase securities);
- investment shares of unit investment funds.

The separate group includes the operations performed by the trustee (except for the unit investment trust).

The specific rules of income calculation for each category of securities and financial instruments is laid down by the article 214.1of Tax Code. The tax is withheld by brokers, trustees, management companies which are carried out the asset management of mutual funds, other persons carrying out operations under an agency agreement and other contracts for the benefit of taxpayers.
Computation of taxes from dividends
Dividends paid to individuals are taxed at the following rates;
9% - for payments to residents;
15% - for payments to non-residents;
The tax is withheld by the organization – by the payer of dividends at(during) their actual payment.
If the organization - the payer of dividends received dividends itself from third parties in the current (or last) calendar year, than the calculation of personal income tax
- Remains unchanged for non-residents;
- Changes for residents.

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