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Representation Services

This service for foreign manufacturer and businessmen is the alternative.

representation5Each businessmen would like to open representative office in Russia - this service is for you!
We offer this service in exchange for opening of representation on the territory of Russian Federation.

Representative office is not juridical person and functionates according to Power of Attorney at the territory of Russia as a branch of head company. Representation's activity is limited by non-profitable actions (e.g. marketing research, promotion of trade mark, attraction of customers, etc.). Besides that, the procedure of accreditation of foreign representation is not simple and in a number of cases my lead to rejection from State Registration Chamber.
If a customer concludes a treaty with our company for representation services, the client is become free from accreditation procedure, as well as from any limits of commercial activity in Russia via our company.

With the framework of representation services our company may offer the followig:

• provision of postal address, receiving and processing correspondence;
• secretarial services;
• juridical services;
• creation of russian language and English language web-sites, promotion of trade mark in internet;
• holding of individual presentations of your goods to potential buyers, providing samples according to client's instructions, etc.

Representation services are effective on the first stage of entering russian market, at the next stages our company is glad to offer distribution services.

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