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Distribution Services

The distribution services is an expended variant of representation services for foreign manufacturer

Distributions in RussiaHaving concluded a contract for distribution services in our company, the client with agreed budget, gets at his disposal the fully functional branch of his company in Russia, which carries out on behalf of the client the commercial and other activity.

Depending on the budget and business model of the client, our company may offer the following services (in addition to representation services):

• registration of separate juridical person (according to client's request);


  • maintenance of office and staff (including hiring and training);

• accounting services (including submitting reports to state authorities);
• certification of client's goods;
• carrying on negotiations, conclusion of a contract, wholesale and retail sales;
• warehousing and logistics services inside and outside Russia;
• advertising activity (catalogs, brochures, souvenirs, presentations, exhibitions);
• all kinds of mutual relation with government authorities.

And at the same time, the remuneration for rendering of distribution services by our company will be equal to zero, if you order the service of distribution services in the import of goods to Russia. That is, the client will cover only actual expenses confirmed in monthly reports, including the primary documentation.

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