Sightseeing of Moscow

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Monastery. Moscow

Marvellous Fishing in Russia

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Hunting in Russia

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Russian Beauty

Museum of Russia Vodka

Holidays in Russia

Each businessmen would like to open representative office in Russia - this service is for you! We offer this service in exchange for opening of representation on the territory of Russian Federation....

Representation services

Having concluded a contract for distribution services, the client gets at his disposal the fully functional branch of his company in Russia....

Distributive services

Legal support on going to Russian market,establishment of subsidiaries, setting up of the representative offices, branches in Russia and CIS countries.

Legal service

This service allows you to maintain your company at a good level. It`s a consultation, representing the interests in the tax authorities and other important activities....

Accounting service

According to the general rule, tax residents of the Russian Federation don't have the right to set-off of taxes paid outside Russia....

Double taxation

Income tax on individuals this is a tax, by which the personal income is levied, from citizens.....

Tax on personal income

Tax rate: 18%, 10%, 0 % .......

VAT tax

It`s includes all income, received by a company in the current year....

Tax on profits

Renting a serviced apartment in Moscow is becoming a more and more popular.It is almost twice as cheap....

Rent of an apartment

There is a great variety of landmarks in Moscow, some of them were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List...

Sightseeing of Moscow

In Russia, since the beginning of time, fishing has always occupied a special place...

Fishing in Russia

Hunt for justice should be considered one of the most important human endeavors," .....

Hunting in Russia

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