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Economically Russia is one of the top ten largest economies by GDP according to the IMF and this produces  an immense purchasing power within the country!

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Moscow is diverse and grand, each time it turns to the traveler with thousands of different sides. There are multi-colored domes of Orthodox churches, rich estates of the aristocratic clans of the Russian Empire and the spiers of glass high-rises in business districts!

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Legal services

legalLegal support on going to Russian market
The choice of the organizational-legal form;

- Establishment of subsidiaries;
- Setting up of the representative offices / branches / separate units in Russia and CIS countries.

Corporate law:
-Changing the management staff of the company;

-Structuring of controllable agences;
-The annual general meeting;
-Changes in the statute;
-Change of legal address of the company;
-Contract Law;
And economic disputes;

If you order in our company service distributors, customers with agreed budget actually has at his disposal a full separate subdivision of his company in Russia, which carries out on behalf of his name commercial and other activities.

Depending on your budget and business model client in framework of distribution services, our company may offer, including (in addition to representation services):

• registration of a separate legal entity (optional);
• The maintenance of the office and staff (including the hiring and training of staff);
• accounting services;
• certification of the goods of the customer;
• negotiation, contracting, wholesale and retail sale of goods of the customer;
• warehousing and logistics services to the Russian Federation and other countries;
• advertising activities (printing, gifts, presentations, exhibitions);
• any relationship with the government.

In this case, the remuneration for the provision of distribution services of our company will be zero at the same time ordering the service of foreign mediation to import goods to Russia, that is, the client will only pay for the actual cost to the provision of monthly reports, including supporting documentation.

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