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Economically Russia is one of the top ten largest economies by GDP according to the IMF and this produces  an immense purchasing power within the country!

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Moscow is diverse and grand, each time it turns to the traveler with thousands of different sides. There are multi-colored domes of Orthodox churches, rich estates of the aristocratic clans of the Russian Empire and the spiers of glass high-rises in business districts!

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Accounting services

Accounting services

Are you looking for a reliable accounting partner? We would be happy to work with you. We not only provide accounting outsourcing services, but we also help companies adjust their business processes as well as professionally organize their accounting and tax reporting.

We would be happy to schedule a meeting to talk you through what we can do, find out what your business needs and be of assistance already at our first meeting.
We offers a full range of services in field of support of business accounting (Accounting Outsourcing):

Accounting services and business maintenance (organization, maintenance, restoration) of accounting and tax accountability of companies and individual entrepreneurs):
Accounting in full volume with preparation and submission of reports to the tax authorities, statistics funds, off-budget funds, including drawing up of primary records;
- division of responsibilities and the preparation and reporting to the tax authorities, statistics, off-budget funds;
- with the functions of the Chief Accountant, the preparation and representation of financial and tax statements to the tax authorities, statistics, off-budget funds;
- Accounting services (organization, conducting, restoration) of individual sections of business accounting of the organizations and individual entrepreneurs, including the drafting of primary records:
-calculation of average monthly wages, preparation and submission of the book-kipping reports to the tax department including the personification reports and reports on staff income.
- accounting of fixed assets and tax accounting of depreciation charges;
- inventory accounting;
- HR administration.
- Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reports of organizations and individual entrepreneurs to the tax authorities (representing the interests in the tax departments), statistical agencies, off-budgetary funds (including electronic reporting delivery via telecommunication channels of communication);
- Preparation and presenting the annual declarations for individual persons (income tax on individuals) to the tax authorities;

Accounting consultation and solutions (advice of accountant at the discussion stage and the realization of the deal, the draft of agreement, the financial scheme, the calculation of the tax burden on the proposed schemes of transactions, financial consulting, HR consulting);

-Accounting services on restoration of accountancy of companies, organizations and individual entrepreneurs;
-Working out of the accounting policy;
-Inventory taking with preparation of documents about the results of the inventory taking;
- Conducting of verifications on settlements with the budget of organizations and individual entrepreneurs with tax authorities and off-budgetary funds;
- Representing the interests in the tax departments, representing organizations and individual entrepreneurs during audits by tax authorities and off-budgetary funds;
- Organization of accountancy and tax accounting of companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Additionally, we provide the following services:

-Accounting, financial analysis of the organization;
-Transformation of financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards;
-Providing courier services for submitting reports to tax authorities, Statistics Department and
off- budget funds;
-Services concerning alteration in the Unified Register when changing: Street address, the
General Director and activities;
- Services to obtain an extract from the Unified Register.

At the request of our customers, we are ready to implement a written advice on any questions, as lying in the theoretical study of the problem, and from the point of view of practical application.
We also offer services in the field of registration and accounting of subsidiaries with foreign capital, the representative offices of the foreign companies that have a number of specific features. The specifics of the accounting of subsidiaries with foreign capital and the representative offices of the foreign companies are reflected in the features of the organization of registration work, the need for representation of clients in tax departments and other state authorities of the Russian Federation. Addition to the legislation of the Russian Federation it is necessary to consider the rules of international accounting and tax legal system. Accountability, analysis and accounting support of subsidiaries with foreign capital is conducted by us taking into account all these peculiarities, followed by the transformation of the reporting in accordance with international standards reporting.

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