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Economically Russia is one of the top ten largest economies by GDP according to the IMF and this produces  an immense purchasing power within the country!

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Moscow is diverse and grand, each time it turns to the traveler with thousands of different sides. There are multi-colored domes of Orthodox churches, rich estates of the aristocratic clans of the Russian Empire and the spiers of glass high-rises in business districts!

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This service for foreign manufacturer and businessmen is the alternative.

representation5 Each businessmen would like to open representative office in Russia - this service is for you!
We help businessmen conduct the active and stable business activity in Russia.  We will help you build strategic partnerships.
Our aim is developing trade relations between worldwide and Russian companies, offering logistics support and direct assistance both to the companies interested to enter for the first time the important Russian market, and to those companies that have already, but only occasionally, operated in the area and wish to develop and strengthen their local presence, to the point of moving their production in Russia.

The distribution services is an expended variant of representation services for foreign manufacturer

Distribution servicesDo you want to sell your products on the Russian market without registering a company and not opening a branch or representative office in Russia?
The Russian market is growing more and more attractive for European entrepreneurs. Russia is in the process of becoming one of the largest markets in the world. In addition to that, Russia is the 9th largest country in the world in terms of population with 142 Mio. inhabitants. Its almost untapped domestic market offers huge potential for European entrepreneurs.
Our export consultants specializes in the distribution on the Russian market, namely the distribution of innovative products of European medium-sized industrial businesses. Our broad experience in export management is the key to the success of your business on the Russian market.

Marketing research

What will marketing research give you?
Whether you are planning a market entry, expansion, or would like to learn more about a particular market and competitors, marketing research will reduce the risks of entering the Russian market and help develop a clear strategy. We can help you with the range of comprehensive market research services in Russia and CIS.
Exploring New Markets:
•    Market size assessment
•    Market segmentation and market niches identifications
•    Analysis of key market trends, opportunities, and threats
•    Forecasting market development
•    Researching and assessing potential customers, dealers and intermediaries

Creation of sites and online stores  

web development

We create modern web portals, e-commerce platforms and provide web solutions that facilitate running and developing business on the web. Creating websites of any complexity and for a short period of time, including multilingual (structure development, programming and design); Update information on the website. Translation of site content from and into Russian and English.
     We guarantee the highest quality of services, flexible terms of cooperation. We provide information security, confidentiality and data protection.

Accounting services

Are you looking for a reliable accounting partner? We would be happy to work with you. We not only provide accounting outsourcing services, but we also help companies adjust their business processes as well as professionally organize their accounting and tax reporting.

We would be happy to schedule a meeting to talk you through what we can do, find out what your business needs and be of assistance already at our first meeting.
We offers a full range of services in field of support of business accounting (Accounting Outsourcing):

legalLegal support on going to Russian market
The choice of the organizational-legal form;

- Establishment of subsidiaries;
- Setting up of the representative offices / branches / separate units in Russia and CIS countries.

Corporate law:
-Changing the management staff of the company;

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