At present, Russia is the most attractive and dynamically developing markets from the point of view of the foreign investment flows as a percentage of market capitalization. And according to reporting among the developing countries, Russia can boast of the highest inflow of the foreign portfolio investment. It is invested more than in China, India, Brazil or Mexico!

Why Russia?

Benefits of Doing Business in Russia


  Russia is by far the largest country in the world. The country covers an area all the way from Europe in the West to North America in the East and bordering with Asia in the South, and boasts a vast geography that spans eleven time zones.

 Emerging as a diverse nation after a long and eventful history, Russia’s growing and strengthening consumer economy, with a market of over 140 million people, is evolving into a prime location for investment.

  Business opportunities can be found in many sectors of Russia’s economy and strong support exists for investors from both the government and the Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC).

How to start a business?

Any foreigner or foreign company can start a business in Russia; in general there are no restrictions.
There are four ways for foreign individuals and entities to set up a business in Russia:
  •     Limited liability companies
  •     Joint stock companies (two types: closed and open)
  •     Branch or representative offices of the foreign companies
        (the former can be engaged in commercial activities,        while the latter cannot)
  •     Individual entrepreneurs (a foreign citizen can register with this status only if   they have a temporary or permanent residence permit)
State registration procedure in Russia is quite simple and requires the notification of the pertinent registration authority of the intention to do so, upon which a registration certificate is issued.


  • Representation services are effective on the first stage of entering russian market, at the next stages our company is glad to offer distribution services.
  • Distribution Services
    Do you want to sell your products and services on the Russian market without setting up a branch office in Russia?We will help you optimize the distribution of your production in Russia!
  • Marketing research
    Whether you are planning a market entry, expansion, or would like to learn more about a particular market and competitors, we can help you with the range of comprehensive market research services in Russia and CIS.
  • Legal and Accounting services
    We help companies adjust their business as well as professionally organize their accounting and tax reporting.

Places of Interest in Moscow

   Moscow is the biggest city of Russia and its capital. The city is situated on the Moskva River and was found more than 800 years ago. Nowadays, Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
   There is a great variety of famous landmarks and sights in Moscow, some of them were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 
   The most famous are: the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Armoury Chamber.
   If you’re planning to stay in Moscow for a while, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and The Tretyakov Gallery.
   Tell us what you would like to see and we can arrange it!

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